Monday, November 16, 2009

Here's What I'm Excited About

Felt Flowers
My new obsession, thank you very much sister #1. I can't stop making these felt flowers! I have been sewing most of them to rubber bands. They look so cute in my girls' hair. Hun sewed them to some pillows, cute, I think I'll try that next.
Wish I could can every day, thank you very much sister #2. Sari and our friend Laura and I did pasta sauce last time I was in Utah. It is so good. It makes me sad to be far away from them because canning isn't very fun alone.
Kleenex Box
As I instinctively reached out to grab this kleenex box off of the low end table, it hit me: I don't need to move this kleenex box. After more than eight years of swiftly getting kleenex boxes to higher ground, this is no more! No more winter wonderland on the family room floor, no more feeling like I am wiping my nose with a used kleenex that I dutifully got off the pile, no more steam exiting my ears when I see the mess, no more! I haven't moved the box back to its designated spot for a week now. I just look at it with a secret smile.

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