Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday Drawings and Miscellaneous

I'm working up an idea for the "In the strength of the Lord" themed Women's Conference painting.

On a happy note, our carrots are ready!  I tried to wait till my Birthday to pluck the first fruits of our labors,  but I caved and yanked the biggest one up last week.  Carrots are a real test of patience.  We'll wait a few more days for them to get bigger.  It won't be easy, 'cause that was the yummiest little carrot we have ever had!  

On a sad note, we had two more little cotton-tailed bunnies drown in our pool.  It's about the saddest thing.  It feels like an omen.  Maybe it is a sign that my days of propagation are truly be behind me.  Ya, I think that is what it is telling me. 


ducklips said...

That is the the saddest picture I've ever seen. Did you cry when you saw it there?

Kate Horowitz said...

The carrots are born and the rabbits are dying? Maybe it's more about impermanence, about remembering that you can't take it with you.

Poor bunnies.

Kate Horowitz said...


Janet said...

Oh Emily!
What a sad happening. Imagine though the most incredible heavenly meadows they have (without any worry of coyotes) to leap through. I wonder if they look at us thinking, "oh those poor humans, still pulling weeds, while we are having the time of our lives...who knew we could jump so very high?" I can hear them questioning just who in fact are the "Silly Wabbits" now.

That moment of pain for them, reminds me ( mind you it is 2;14 AM so you really have to stretch your imagination here) of the momentary (epidural in full effect)pain of entering this life. is time to put my fingers to bed...before they attempt to delve any deeper into random chatter.

I missed you and Cassandra today... The old chronic fatigue stuff has flared, i was so excited to see you two again at the Byu bookstore. got myself dressed, next thing I knew the phone rang waking me up at 5:00. I was one sad mama. Any prints left?
Love, janet

How long will you be in utah?