Saturday, November 1, 2008


So I got back almost a week ago... I had to wait for my sisters to post about our trip so I could swipe their pictures.  (Cass always has her camera out, so I never need to get mine out and I end up without any pictures.) And now I am all backed up and Halloween is going to be so passe by the time I get to it...  

Anyway, we had a fabulous show in Connecticut.  The gallery looked great and the company was entertaining.  

We had a delightfully stretchy ride to the City where we perused the Met.

After that, we went our separate ways for the sisters three to have a cosmopolitan adventure.  And that we did.  Shop-shop-shopping from soaps to art supplies to trimmings to the most fabulous shoes.  We wore ourselves out and had a relaxing respite in the hotel sauna.  The weather was gorgeous, the food delicious, the art inspiring, and my sisters are still and always the best.  
It was hard to say goodbye.


The Petersons said...

Can you guys BE any more gorgeous?

ducklips said...

Looks like a fab trip.
Ok, I'm going to need a closer pic of those boots.

megan said...

What are you guys climbing out of?