Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I am finally calling this painting finished.  I tweaked everything, but the noticeable difference will be the orange poppies.  Aaah, poppies.  I have never had opium, but it sure does sound nice. Let's say her poppies come in the form of her analgesic/angelic husband just outside the frame on his way to untie her knot.  She shakes out her arms and lets out a long deep sigh.  Swiftly his long cold fingers loosen the ties and the apron falls to the table perfectly folded.  "Thanks" she says as she turns into his arms.  He slowly inhales her scent and she gets a little light headed.  Oh, sorry, just warming up to disappear into Breaking Dawn.


Nicholas said...

So, did you like Breaking Dawn? It was definitely different than the other three books, though it was certainly entertaining. My friend introduced me to the books two and a half weeks ago, and I couldn't put them down 'til I was finished. I hope they've done a good job with the movie.

I love your new paintings, by the way.

emily said...

I liked it a lot. It was a fun read and I like happy endings. Oh, and I really want to be a vampire.

I'm stoked for the movie, though it won't be what is in my head, I think they'll pull off a pretty good flick.