Sunday, October 14, 2007

Knowledge of Good and Evil

Oh, she knows. She knows what is good and what is not, and exactly which she is going to choose. I think Eve knew what she was doing. She knew the plan and what needed to happen to progress. We have to make so many choices! It feels good to have confidence that the choices you are making are good and will be for the best. I don't always have it, sometimes I second guess myself and sometimes I don't choose what I know is better. Laziness can get the best of us. But, conviction and righteousness is something I strive for.


Gritty Pretty said...

the brunette is the devil...=)
your post reminds me of a doll i made with a pinafore that says "everybody knows victoria's secret." we all know so much but it's astounding to me how i may firmly know the correct course of action but...will take the other path because it seems more interesting.

Lisa Lisa said...

Hi Sweets. I'm randomly stopping by to say I heart your paintings and your blog! So fun! :)