Thursday, April 2, 2015

Martha and Mary

Martha and Mary24"x42"
oil on panel

"Martha, Martha..." Jesus' gentle reprimand on a warm day in Bethany is given not because Martha is doing something wrong, busying herself with their temporal thirsts. Still, the Lord entices her to consider a better part. Like the woman at Jacob's well, Mary is thirsting for the living water. Asking with her outstretched hand, she beckons the Lord to fill her cup with eternal truth, with spiritual nourishment, peace, joy, and everlasting life. With only the asking, an abundant stream of the love of God will flow beyond her capacity to receive. 
We all have to choose, every day, between many worthy options, that which matters most. There is so much to be "careful and troubled" about. When we choose to give Him all of our hearts, like Martha and Mary, we will find the needful things. This is what our Savior wants of us: to seek out the living water throughout our lifetime; to listen, learn, love and serve, until we come to know the voice of God with a humble familiarity. 

This is my submission to the 10th International Art Competition by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Church History Museum.


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